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รวมวิดีโอ คลิป ไฮไลท์ มิวสิควิดีโอ ต่างๆ มากมาย

Chinese Superstar So Cute สาวจีนน่ารักมากๆ วิดีโอปลากรอบ

สาวน่ารักถ่ายเองด้วย วิดีโอปลากรอบ

Japanese Valentine’s Day!! Honmei/Giri/Tomo/Jibun-Choco! AND What 義理[Giri] means?!

This video is for Sakura(PSakuraChanB)! And her first video Hi, there! Saint Valentine’s Day is around the corner, isn’t it? Do you know what are 本命チョコ[honmei choco], 義理チョコ[giri choco], 友チョコ[tomo choco], 自分チョコ[jibun choco]? Do you know what “Giri” means? I am talking about these in this video! (^0^)/ I hope you enjoy this! And have a good weekend!! ^0^ Thank you for your advice/help, Neil! データーは、江崎グリコHP参照 (グラフはJustMiyabiによるオリジナルです)。[I refered to Ezaki-glico HP and made the graph at 3:10.] ^^

Sex in the Pool?

Connect with our Facebook Fan Page – Sandy’s old “BFF” Olive gets a little too friendly with Mutt on their trip to the pool, not the beach. When will Mutt catch a break? This is a Sequel to the IronSink ten Million view video “sex on the Beach”

ตัวอย่าง เป็นต่อ ตอน โอ้โห้



Prince The Most Beautifful Girl In The World

Song: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” Album: Gold Experience Producer: Prince Label: NPG, Bellmark Year: 1995

[HD/FANCAM] SNSD || pt. 3/18 — 1st Asia Tour (Shanghai) – Full concert V2 (Much better quality)

Date: 2010-04-17 | Credits : YYhyuk@KTYChina [Clip: Opening] – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) (Remix ver.) – Show Show Show – Girls’ Generation [Transition clip: Wanted] – Begining [Self introduction : Jessica, Yoona, Sunny, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Seohyun, Tiffany, Taeyeon] – It’s Fantastic! – Etude (Remix ver.) – Ooh la la – Kissing You (Remix ver.) [Clip: SNSD's daily life] – Jessica – One Year Later – Tiffany – Umbrella – Taeyeon – Hush Hush – Yoona – Introduce A Good Person – Sunny – Sunny [Clip: Tough Angels] – Chocolate Love [Clip: Girls' Diary] – Honey – Dear Mom – Forever [Clip: Good Morning] – Day By Day – My Child [Clip: Cinderella Story] – Jessica – Barbie Girl – Seohyun – 16 Going On 17 – Singing In The Rain – Seohyun, Jessica, Sunny, Taeyeon – Somewhere Over The Rainbow [SHINee - Ring Ding Dong] – Sooyoung – If U Seek Amy – Hyoyeon – Genie (Dance ver.) + So Sick – Yuri – 1 2 Step – Yoona, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung – Rhythm Nation [Clip: Beautiful Girl] – Into The New World (Remix ver.) – Be Happy – Way To Go – Gee – Touch The Sky [Clip: Goodbye | Encore] – Naengmyun – Hahaha [Talk] – Complete [Encore 2] – Baby Baby – Oh! [Sica's birthday & ending]

Boys Boys Boys – Lady Gaga Lyrics

Lyrics to Boys Boys Boys by Lady GaGa I do not own this song. sorry this video for some annoying reason only lets me accept some of the video responses for it, its annoying. so if you post a video response and its not there, thats why, not because i didnt accept it sorry guys

Ai ai gasa – Female Version

I made this when I was still addicted to Japanese stuff. This was originally sung by a talented duo, Tegomass. If you don’t know them, click one of the related vids to see their cute faces and amazing voices. I did something with the pitch and speed of the song that’s why they now sound like girls and thus this was made. Yah I’m lazy to make my own AMV that’s why i used the opening and ending of the anime and some of ultra maniac clips. Pls. add a comment and rate my video. Thanks!